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Winning Considerations

There are certain 'Hot' numbers which cannot be purchased. This happens sometimes when there are too much buyers on a number (for instance: 1111, 2929), when that happens, the player will not be able to place at all, and would be informed by the counter staff that the number is not playable anymore. Therefore it is always a good practice to buy your ticket earlier.

Apart from Magnum 4D, both Da Ma Cai and Toto Sports offers other games, for instance Sports Toto offers 6D Jackpot (which is almost the same concept but uses 6 digits instead of 4, hence higher winnings). Da Ma Cai offers a 3D and 1+3D which could be alternatives to the more common 4D games.

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Magnum 4D Results Malaysia | TOTO | Damacai | Keputusan
Magnum 4D Results Malaysia | TOTO | Damacai | Keputusan
Magnum 4D Results Malaysia | TOTO | Damacai | Keputusan

Magnum 4D Results Malaysia | TOTO | Damacai | Keputusan Home Magnum 4D Results Malaysia | TOTO | Damacai | Keputusan
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A brief introduction on 4d gaming. 4D is a gaming concept which are widely used globally. The game is largely based on the probability of numbers. The name 4D suggests 4-digits, which in this sense means 4 numbers. the combination of 4 digits (from 0 to 9) means there would be nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine possibilities.

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How to Win

The player will first decide the amount to try your luck. A minimum RM1 would be required. A ratio will be awarded as prize money. All winnings are in cash. For instance for every Ringgit winning, if a number is drawn for the First Prize means that the gamer wins RM2500.00.

Player purchase of RM1 on 1234, Draw results: 1234 – First Prize

Total Winnings would be RM 2500.00. A purchase of RM5 would multiply the total winnings by 5 (RM1 x RM2500.00 = RM12,500.00.

If the Player buy for 1234 at the stake of RM1 on Big Forecast and another RM1 on Small Forecast. This means that the total purchased amount would be RM2 (Big RM1 + Small RM1 = RM2) hence if the Draw Results for 1234 is First Prize means that the total winnings are RM6000.00 (RM2500.00 for Big Forecast + RM 3500.00 for Small Forecast). For the same amount, if the Draw Results puts 1234 in Special Category means the winnings are only RM200 because Small Forecasts are not applicable here.

Prizes of 4D Winning

There are 3 levels of winnings and altogether 23 winning numbers. The first level would be the top three prizes (namely First, Second and Third Prize). The second level are the Special and the third are consolation prizes. There are two categories, the Big and Small Forecasts.

For the Big Forecasts, winnings are as follow:

First Prize : RM 2500.00
Second Prize : RM 1000.00
Third Prize : RM 500.00
Special Prize : RM 200.00
Consolation Prize : RM 60.00

On the other hand, the Small Forecasts are only applicable to the 1st level of prizes which is the First, Second and Third Prizes. Special and Consolation Prizes are not eligible for these prizes.

Small Forecasts Winnings:
First Prize : RM 3500.00
Second Prize : RM 2000.00
Third Prize : RM 1000.00

Magnum 4D Results Malaysia | TOTO | Damacai | Keputusan


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Magnum 4D Results Malaysia | TOTO | Damacai | Keputusan